Limited series of herb choppers in bronze and aluminum

Due to an impending shrinking of our city homes (by 2050, about 85% of the global population will live in urban areas), storage will be minimized and many functional objects will lose their usual place in drawers and closets. Objects will need to be displayed.
While many services are now transformed into apps and found in our small devices, making the old and tangible versions obsolete, some of the manual tools that cannot easily be replaced are gaining a whole new importance and meaning in our lives.
Objects have been always telling a lot about their owners but now they will be definitely louder, putting under the spotlight crucial information about us, our passions, our dreams, our fears.
The project is dedicated to creative cooks. To those who take cooking as passion, experimentation and fun. To all those who love to own and use specific tools for specific actions and like to display them showing both their technical and artistic personality.

Production and technical support: Fonderia Artistica Campagner
Dimension: 105 x 110
Year: 2017
Photo Credit: Davide Di Tria

This is a limited series of handmade herb choppers. Thanks to mainly skilled workmanship, all pieces are unique and appear to be slightly different from each other.
They come in glossy bronze, brushed bronze, glossy aluminum and brushed aluminum. The versions in bronze are acceptable for occasional contact with food (free-lead bronze). However, they need maintenance: they should be hand washed and thoroughly dried after use to prolong their life, and should never be left sitting in any liquids for extended periods of time. Natural bronze is subject to stains, scratches and possible changes of color, therefore we suggest to periodically restore the finish of the product with specific dedicated detergents.The versions in aluminum are not food-safe and are only meant to be sculptural decorative items.